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Studio lights and modifiers  


Jainam Shah
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26/11/2019 9:09 am  

Hello sir
I am going to set up studio in my house for product photography so i just need an overview what equipment I will need!??
I have Two elincrome with 2 Octa and 1 strip modifier
What else I have to Buy!???

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08/12/2019 1:42 am  

 Hello Jainam 

 For product photography sometimes even just one light is enough and sometimes it is more than six you are using. So my answer is that you understand the shooting style and what exactly you are going to shoot more. I mean if you are shooting ecommerce you are fine with just 3 lights but if you are going to shoot some high quality stuff for banners well then you might need more. But initially 4 is a good number so you should buy two more elinchrom and but atleast pair of strip boxes. You also will need few good boom stands, a table for table top shots.