FaceTime Photoshoot

FaceTime Photoshoots? Learn a better method that will give you DSLR quality results.

FaceTime photoshoots are in trend now. Every photographer is trying to do something creative during quarantine, facetime photoshoot is one of the ways to stay creative. FaceTime photoshoots were good till today because the method I am going to share with you guys will change your online shooting style completely.

FaceTime Photoshoots

Facetime photoshoot ideas
Shot over Facetime with my amazing friend Nadia
How to do facetime shoot
Facetime photoshoot with Nadia
– Easy process– Low resolution images
– More security – Less creative angles
– Manual controls not available
– No RAW support
– Poor Camera Quality
The method I am sharing with you in this article will give you much better results than a FACETIME shoot

The Method I prefer Over FaceTime Photoshoot

What if I say, we access the model’s mobile remotely? Yes, that is possible, but with the cost of losing your data privacy during the connection. So this connection will help me take over the model’s phone. And by doing so, I am able to control her mobile camera and all its functions from my mobile over the internet from anywhere. Mobile back cameras have great resolution and quality compare to the front cameras. Plus options like shooting Manual in Pro mode are available. You can shoot RAW (Find out what is RAW click here). RAW gives you a wider opportunity for processing your images. The connection you are going to make will give access to all your private data to the model and vice versa. Now there is a lot of software in the market which allows you to do remote connections. I use TeamViewer for making this online connection with other mobile phones. Team viewer is easy and makes strong connections which very less lagging during the connection.

Shot from my online session using this method only. Model : Ashleysha

The method Which I prefer over FaceTime Photoshoot is good for everyone. It does not matter you are a photographer or an amateur, because you already know how to use a mobile camera. You can use a simple auto model, or you can be more creative with Pro modes. The images you are shooting will get saved in your model’s phone. So After the shoot models can select and send you the RAW files.

Online Photoshoot Ideas for facetime
Remote connection using Teamviewer Model Swati
Facetime Photography Ideas
Plan your shoot as per the time to get the best light possible
Facetime shoot ideas
a backlit scene for adding some mood in the image

Game changers for your facetime / remote shoots

Lighting, as you know photography is about lighting your subject well. The better your lighting is the better you will get your results. I prefer you can ask your model to use artificial lights during the shoot if you are shooting indoors. Or take benefit of natural light when it is best white shooting outdoors.

Facetime Photoshoot
A great example of what a perfectly placed artificial light can do while shooting indoors. Model : Ashleysha
Shot against the sun light for transparency. Pixels are blurred intentionally on some body parts for censorship

Angles, the difference between a Porn and Art is the angle you create. Especially while shooting boudoirs. So make sure the models are in their best possible angles and they should be comfortable doing so. My suggestion is to avoid low angles for tighter shots. Ask your models to use a tripod if they have for their phone. Tripods will give you a lot of options on angles. Tripods are also good for stability while you are operating their phones.

Facetime Photoshoot
Outdoor shoot with natural light and some processing on RAW file

Your direction, your direction is the key to a successful shoot. Doing it online is really hard. So you need a cool mindset, as models are the people who’re gonna do everything. From setup to posing to moving stuff around. You are just sitting behind your computer and directing them. So make sure you be cool as they might not understand your guidelines right away, as it is tough to do so online.

Garments, selection of garments make a big impression and make your images better. Prepare yourself, discuss with the model which garments they have, and ask them for the image of the room where she is gonna shoot. So you can see the colors and find the proper garments.

Nude color garment and a little bit green tinted floor is always a great combo

Retouching, although it is not required on a very high-end basis. But retouching your images will give your images a push they need. As you are shooting in RAW there will be a lot you can do with your retouching software.

Mobile photography tips
Improve your mobile photography with our amazing article.

Our Conclusion

The remote shoot method will give you better images in comparison to your facetime photoshoots. So if you are not worried about your data privacy, considering the person whom you are working with is someone you already know. Then this is a good approach to your online photoshoots. Otherwise, Facetime photoshoots are fine, as it is much safer to do so, and much easier as well.

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Facetime Photoshoots or Remote online photoshoots do no matter what you do. It is important you stay creative during this quarantine time.

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