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Commercial Fashion Photographer – Varun Patel

Varun Patel, A Fashion photographer based in Ahmedabad, India, says Fashion Photography is about documenting fashion trends and designs.

Who is Varun Patel?

Fashion Photographer In Ahmedabad
Varun Patel

If you are searching for a commercial Fashion Photographer in Ahmedabad then congratulation your search ends here. Varun Patel is a well known commercial fashion photographer based in Ahmedabad, India. He has been documenting fashion for Indian and International fashion brands.

Varun has been working in the fashion industry for 10+ years. He understands what mood your garments needs. He knows how to represent your fashion garments in the best possible way to your audience.

Varun owns the best fashion photography studio in Ahmedabad. His studio is around 2000 sq ft space and has a lot of high-quality photography gears. Varun’s friendly nature and style of work would definitely impress you. Varun’s studio is in Thaltej Area which is a very prime location and easy to access also.

Varun’s Fashion Portfolio

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What is Fashion Photography?

Fashion Photographer In Ahmedabad
Shot by Varun Patel

Fashion photography is a genre of photography or a category of photography. But not everything photography is all about. A fashion photograph is, simply, a photograph made specifically to show clothing or accessories, with our without a model. Yes even without model fashion product shots are called fashion photographs. The idea is selling fashion not the model.

Fashion Photographer In Ahmedabad
Shot by Varun Patel
Fashion Photographer In Ahmedabad
Shot by Varun Patel
Fashion Photographer In Ahmedabad
Shot by Varun Patel

Different type of fashion photography jobs/assignments

  • eCommerce Fashion Shoot – Shooting fashion products for website cataloging or e-commerce websites. This happens on a plain white background and with minimal styling.
  • Fashion Shoot for catalog or look book – Shooting for a printable catalog with proper product details and descriptions. Generally is done with basic styling and props.
  • Campaign Fashion Shoots – The high budget Fashion projects. One of our favorite type. As this includes traveling to great locations or creating mindblowing sets. Working with top professional models, makeup artists, and stylists. The outcomes of these shoots are always great and they are used for billboarding and brand advertising.
  • Fashion Shoot for social media – Recently became very famous because of social media. This is a fairly priced creative way to do fashion shoots. Some basic styling, great props, and quick and easy setups to make it more sustainable for clients who want to shoot on a regular basis.
Fashion Photographer In Ahmedabad

Varun Patel is a commercial fashion photographer based in Ahmedabad India. Varun’s work has been published in many Magazines. He has been working with a lot of international fashion clients.

In today’s market Fashion designing has become a very competitive business and thus documenting your fashion portfolio is very important to stay ahead in the market. Big fashion brands like Sabyasachi also needs a professional fashion photographer to document their designs. It is really important selecting a fashion photographer with experience, as they sure can uplift your brand with some perfectly captured shot of your fashion products.

A Fashion Photographer who will give an uplift to your fashion branding campaigns with some great fashion images for your brand.

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Varun Patel is big name when it comes to Fashion Industry. His work has been published in magazines like FTL, Femina and many others. He also conducts Fashion Photography Workshops and shares his knowledge with other photographers. He mostly shoots Fashion and Commercial Portraits, during his free time he also likes to experiment with the conceptual editorials.

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