Fashion & Swimwear photography workshop in Goa

Are you ready to spend two full days at awesome beaches in Goa? Add a gorgeous model on top of that landscape imagination to create the image you always dreamed of shooting.

Yes, we are coming up with a fashion and swimwear photography workshop in Goa. This workshop is about two full days of great vibes, learning, and shooting with models under the mentorship of Mr. Varun Patel.

If you have been to our previous workshops, you already have been part of the crazy after workshop fun. But if you are new to our workshops, let us tell you that you are going to have literally one of the best times of your life during our workshops.

Let’s know more about this workshop, or shall we say your fun vacation.


Arrival 13th May

We would recommend you arrive on the 13th.

As every photographer is coming from different cities, everybody will be in need of stay and transport. We will share the details about the hotel where our team is going to stay. If you wish you can stay in the same hotel or can manage as per your comfort.

You need to manage your own transport for these two days. You can rent or anytime book a cab as per your need. Our assistance is going to be there if you need any numbers for that as well.

Shoot 14th May

Kick start your day with an early morning beachside bikini shoot with our lovely model and under the guidance of Mr. Varun Patel.

This entire day will be full of shoots and traveling from location to location.

That’s all for you, we will not be revealing all our secrets right now.

Shoot 15th May

Good morning, if you have been partying all night then I guess this day will be the after-party for you.

On this day we will be shooting some great fashion and swimwear shots while answering your queries on location.

Your day will end with a dinner with the team, discussing and sharing your experience of the entire workshop. And you will be going home with some amazing pictures and some great memories from the workshop.

What is included

  • Mentoring charges for two days
  • Model charges for two days
  • Styling charges for two days

What’s not included

  • Your stay & food
  • Your local transport
  • Your flights/trains

What you need to bring along

  • Your camera system
  • Trigger and lighting system ( 1 light only required )
  • Appropriate modifier
  • A laptop ( optional )
  • Your swimming costume ( unless you are planning for skinny-dipping )

Workshop Fees

25,000/- Rs

Let’s not make this boring by a long FAQ list or any further in detailed info, if you are interested in this workshop give us a WhatsApp message or direct call on 9898550223 for the fees and any further info.

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