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Fashion & Beauty – Lighting and Retouching workshop

Indoor studio lighting workshop followed by retouching session with Varun Patel, is all what you need to emphasis your lighting and retouching game and add up some professional looking images in your portfolio. Our Fashion & Beauty workshop is total 2 days workshop. Day1 includes a full day of shooting fashion and beauty shots, with two models. Day2 includes retouching the images which you have shot during workshop.



About Workshop

Do you wish to have a very appealing portfolio? Well here is a chance we are offering you. We are announcing an upcoming workshop with the theme of Fashion and Beauty. Alongside shooting you’ll learn alot from us about the execution of the shoots and team management skills.

It’s a two day workshop, where you’ll be learning from Mr. Varun Patel, who’s a renowned fashion photographer. The workshop is divided into 2 parts- where in the first part we’ll be shooting with models and will learn the secret about the lights and setup. On the second day, we’ll be learning about Retouching of the photos which we clicked.

What you’ll be learning?

Day 1: Shooting

  • Understanding the light
  • Learn how to shoot tethered and it’s benefits
  • Light modifiers and their respective uses
  • Your in camera settings for studio shoots
  • Advance lighting set up for beauty and fashion
  • Learn using colour checkers for perfect colour correction
  • Shooting with models for your portfolio.

Day 2: Retouching

  • Understand colour calibration.
  • How to do calibration for your display for best and uniform colour.
  • Processing your Image for best output in RAW.
  • RAW processing as per your specifice Camera profiles.
  • Grafting vs Cloning which is better.
  • Dodge and Burn.
  • Balancing skin colors.
  • Exporting using Save for Web.
  • Processing images for your online use.
  • Processing images for print use.

Fees for workshop

13000/- Rs for entire two days workshop.

Lunch, high tea & refreshments are included in the given fees.

Local transport or stay facilities are not provided by our side.

How to register

Reach our booking executives for confirming your seats or any queries regarding your bookings

+91 8000632111 is our number for bookings

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What do I need for the workshop from my side?

A DSLR and a laptop is all what we want you to bring. Everything else from lighting to food is on us.

How many hours a day the sessions will be?

Full day around 7 hours

Will the students going to get time to shoot?

We are gonna give everyone their own time to shoot once our explanation for that set is done. The workshop is all about you getting some good experience and some amazing pictures.

So can i use the images i have shot during workshop?

Sure you are free to use them but only for non commercial purpose. Such as your online portfolio or your website or social media. You can not sell or commercialize any images from workshop.

Is the given fees refundable if i am not able to attend the workshop?

No once you pay the fees we do not refund but you sure can send someone else if you are not able to attend due to some reason

Is there any question answer time where i can ask my questions?

Yes during the workshop and even anytime after also you can. We are here to answer your questions and make you more clear in your vision.

Is there any other way to learn with you?

Yes, we run photography courses. You can find all the details about our courses on

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Varun Patel is big name when it comes to Fashion Industry. His work has been published in magazines like FTL, Femina and many others. He also conducts Fashion Photography Workshops and shares his knowledge with other photographers. He mostly shoots Fashion and Commercial Portraits, during his free time he also likes to experiment with the conceptual editorials.

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