Month: March 2018


Photography As Career – Become A Professional Photographer

 Working as professional photographer is very exciting. Now a days lot of amateur photographers are considering photography as career. It is fun to know that your photography hobby can get you money as a side business, or even can be your primary business. I have seen dozens and dozens of the photographers starting their photography business with all excitements, but eventually fail as a professional photographer and end up closing down. Well there can be many reasons for them not able to sustain. May be a wrong start can also lead to not being successful professional photographer. 

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Natural light photography

How to shoot amazing natural light portraits, using window light and a hotel bed sheet ?

Natural light is your best friend if you are a portrait photographer. When it comes to shooting those dreamy looking portraits, I always prefer to use natural light only. As the natural light gives you ease of working. My blog today will explain you the reason why I use natural light for such portraits. Also I will be sharing the BTS images and a simple lighting diagram for your understanding. And not to forget, I will be showing you how to use the available stuff like hotel bed sheet to get that professional touch on your images.

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