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Food Photography & Styling Workshop

We will be showing you practical techniques and application, thus it becomes easy for your to master creating your own eye-catching content

Join expert food photographer Varun Patel & Renown food stylist Harsh Chavda on this perfectly crafted one-day food photography & styling workshop, at Varun Patel Photography studio Ahmedabad. This workshop is a complete package of photography techniques and food styling ideas shared by professionals.

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Fashion & Swimwear photography workshop in Goa

Are you ready to spend two full days at awesome beaches in Goa? Add a gorgeous model on top of that landscape imagination to create the image you always dreamed of shooting.

Yes, we are coming up with a fashion and swimwear photography workshop in Goa. This workshop is about two full days of great vibes, learning, and shooting with models under the mentorship of Mr. Varun Patel.

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Product photography course

1on1 Product Photography Course – A product photography course made for you by you.

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Since 10+ years, we have been offering our students pure customized photography course solutions. Our 1on1 product photography course, is a unique blend of knowledge and practical shoots. We guarantee that, no other photography institute in entire India provides the customization and knowledge that we offer during our 1on1 courses.

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Interior photography workshop

Interior Photography Workshop – Varun Patel

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Learn to shoot professional interior images, while covering up all the most important aspects of interior photography. Everything you need to know about the photography gears, techniques, and settings for starting your interior photography business is listed under our interior photography workshop.

During this photography workshop, we will teach you about the techniques using the available/natural light only for shooting some professional-looking images. It is not just about interior photography techniques, you will be learning a lot more about the other aspects such as framing, gears, balancing tones, understanding the scenes before shoots, post-processing workflows, and much more. We will be performing a live interior shoot sharing all the techniques and settings with you.

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Online studio lighting

LIVE Online Studio Lighting Workshop – With Varun Patel

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Experience the best of studio lighting setups LIVE via our online studio lighting workshop. This workshop is 100% interactive and will give you an offline experience of being in our studio from the comfort zone of your home.

A Live photoshoot session from our studio with our amazing models would be what you will be watching on this 15th of august whilst having your breakfast at your home.

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photoshoot preparation

How Do I Prepare Before My Professional Shoots – By Varun Patel

I have been shooting as a commercial photographer in the industry for 10+ years now. All these years I have learned something new every day from my experiences. I have mentored more than 600 students now. I have seen that most of the time the photographers are great with their technical skills but very poor with pre-planning or executions.

So today I will be sharing my in-detailed workflow for any of my commercial shoots. This article will guide you through an entire process from start to finish of a commercial shoot preparation.

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Building Photographer

Building photographer based in Ahmedabad India

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Building Photographer, well I would say that is not the correct term for what you are looking for. A correct term for a photographer who photographs building is, architectural photographer. But for this particular post, we will refer to both these terms.

So are you looking for a professional photographer to do your architectural building photography? Well, you have come to the right page. We have been providing building photography solutions for many hotels and commercial projects.

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