Online courses for photography & photoshop fundamentals

Specially made online courses for photography and photoshop fundamentals, considering people who is interested learning photography and photoshop during their self quarantine or self isolation time. As the entire world is fighting hard against the corona virus, and trying to control the spread. We also wanted to give our efforts by going online with our courses. So you can still stay at home and learn in your comfort zone, and be creative during your self quarantine or self isolation time. Our courses are based on live video meets where you can ask questions and be more interactive. For our students we are available even after the course, we will try our best for answering all your questions even after the course. So let’s learn and utilize our time to become a better photographer.

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Fashion & Beauty – Lighting and Retouching workshop

Indoor studio lighting workshop followed by retouching session with Varun Patel, is all what you need to emphasis your lighting and retouching game and add up some professional looking images in your portfolio. Our Fashion & Beauty workshop is total 2 days workshop. Day1 includes a full day of shooting fashion and beauty shots, with two models. Day2 includes retouching the images which you have shot during workshop.

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How much power do you actually need? – Understand your flash power requirements

Flash companies are coming up with new technologies and improved flash units everyday. There are so many options in the market for Flashes. From all those options which is the best flash for your work and what power you should go with is really a confusing decision, thus I have listed all the things you should consider before deciding the flash power your need .

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Newborn Photography Workshop – Varun Patel

NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY is now being considered as a big time career in photography business. If you are considering Newborn Photography as your specialization than our Newborn Photography Workshop is the perfect course for you to learn and master your skills. This Workshop will cover everything from fundamentals of photography, to the perfect lighting setups for Newborn. We will show you practically how to pose and wrap the baby, and with a special artificial baby you can learn, practice and master your posing and wrapping skill under our professional wrapping artists guidance. Editing baby images in photoshop is also going to be part of this workshop. We will make sure you learn everything properly, and for that we keep the batch limited to 6 students only.

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Art of Manipulation – An advanced photoshop workshop by Varun Patel

An advanced photoshop workshop for photo compositing. From shooting instructions to advanced photoshop techniques, we are going to cover-up everything. The pre-preparations you need to the final processes, we are going to cover up all those tiny points.

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Photography course to join this summer

The summer is already here, and you must be willing to join something creative that takes you out of your regular routine. Well we are ready with our special summer vacation batch. This photography course is going to teach you everything, from fundamentals, to understanding the lights. It will also give you hand on experience of shooting with professional models during your practice sessions, and finally the Photoshop retouching sessions will teach you to enhance your images to professional quality.

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Learn retouching Or Hire a professional retoucher – Which is better for you?

A good retouching can take your images to next level. Retouching your photography work has now become a really important part of your workflow.

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Budget studio lights – Studio lights under 10000/-Rs

Budget studio lights under 10000/- Rs. Yes, you are reading it right. We are talking about studio lights which are cheap and good for beginner use. And still they will be able to give you images like these

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