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  • Fashion & Swimwear photography workshop in Goa

    Are you ready to spend two full days at awesome beaches in Goa? Add a gorgeous model on top of that landscape imagination to create the image you always dreamed of shooting. Yes, we are coming up with a fashion and swimwear photography workshop in Goa. This workshop is about two full days of great […]

  • Interior Photography Workshop – Varun Patel

    Interior photography workshop

    Learn to shoot professional interior images, while covering up all the most important aspects of interior photography. Everything you need to know about the photography gears, techniques, and settings for starting your interior photography business is listed under our interior photography workshop. During this photography workshop, we will teach you about the techniques using the […]

  • LIVE Online Studio Lighting Workshop – With Varun Patel

    Online studio lighting

    Experience the best of studio lighting setups LIVE via our online studio lighting workshop. This workshop is 100% interactive and will give you an offline experience of being in our studio from the comfort zone of your home. A Live photoshoot session from our studio with our amazing models would be what you will be […]

  • Skin Retouching Course/workshop – with VARUN PATEL

    Skin retouching course

    Unlike other pre-recorded skin retouching courses, our course is a live course. Where our mentor will be live with you so you can ask your questions and solve your doubts. This skin retouching course includes everything you need to know to start your retouching business.

  • Building photographer based in Ahmedabad India

    Building Photographer

    Building Photographer, well I would say that is not the correct term for what you are looking for. A correct term for a photographer who photographs building is, architectural photographer. But for this particular post, we will refer to both these terms. So are you looking for a professional photographer to do your architectural building […]

  • Introduction To Commercial Product Photography – By Varun Patel

    Product Photography Course

    Finally announcing the most awaited product photography course. This introductory online course will give you the inside view of commercial product photography. Learn pre-preparations, shooting techniques, and post-preparations for commercial product shoots.

  • 1on1 Video call Q&A mentoring session with Varun Patel

    Talk Everything and Anything about photography! During this quarantine , you can chat with Varun 1on1 via A Video Call to discuss your photography queries and how you can improve your skills. As you all know we already did conduct 3 online video call courses before. Now it is time to go fully personalized. Your […]

  • Color calibration, importance of screen calibration and how to do it.

    Color Calibration

    Why you need calibration If there one thing that’s certain about photos on the internet, it’s that nobody is seeing exactly the same thing as you are. In general, most screens are very bright, and have whatever default color the monitor happens to ship with. Some are great, others not so much. As the monitor […]

  • Beginner’s Guide To Flash Photography – 7 online live video sessions

    Online flash photography course

    LIVE SESSIONS, yes you heard that right guys. SAY NO to boring pre-recorded videos, which gives you nothing but a good long sleep while you try to watch them. We are coming up with live video meet where you are going to learn online, ask your questions on video call and talk to us as […]

  • How much power do you actually need? – Understand your flash power requirements

    Flash companies are coming up with new technologies and improved flash units everyday. There are so many options in the market for Flashes. From all those options which is the best flash for your work and what power you should go with is really a confusing decision, thus I have listed all the things you […]