Art of Manipulation – An advanced photoshop workshop by Varun Patel

An advanced photoshop workshop for photo compositing. From shooting instructions to advanced photoshop techniques, we are going to cover-up everything. The pre-preparations you need to the final processes, we are going to cover up all those tiny points.

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Fashion photography workshop in Udaipur – Varun Patel


I always try giving my photography workshops an edge over all other basic photography workshops happening in India. This time we thought to go a bit out from everyone’s comfort zone, and shoot something crazy and dynamic on location. So I thought why not to try some place which can offer us everything from architectures to nature. And thats the reason we finalised Udaipur city as our workshop location .

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Best photographer from Ahmedabad, India – Varun Patel

If you are searching for the best photographer in Ahmedabad. Your answer is Mr. Varun Patel. Varun Patel is really one of the best fashion and commercial photographer in Ahmedabad. He is been shooting Fashion, Food, Architecture, Products, Portfolios, Editorials, Swimwear, Boudoir. Continue reading “Best photographer from Ahmedabad, India – Varun Patel”