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Mobile Photography Tips For Better Pictures

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Mobile Photography Tips

Mobile photography nowadays is trending. From selfies to a professional-looking image, your mobiles are able to give you more than what you need.

Today I am going to tell you about how you can shoot great pictures with just your phone. These tips are simple and easy to understand and they will make your images look much better.

Mobile Photography Tips


To compose a great-looking picture you need to follow a few rules and some composition elements.

The rule of the thirds is one of the important rules. Two verticle lines and two horizontal lines will help you with your compositions.

There are many mobiles which will allow you to turn on these grids, this grid will help you follow the rule of thirds basically by turning on this grid you are dividing your image into nine parts all you have to do is you have to follow this grid and find those four intersection points of those two vertical and horizontal lines these four intersection points are the points where you’re supposed to put your subject.


How you hold your phone matters a lot, if you are holding your phone in such a way that it is not stabilized properly, it will end up giving you blur-looking images.

as you can see our model over here she’s using one hand to hold the camera and the other hand to operate the camera. That is not the way to hold your mobile.

The correct way to hold the phone is, holding the phone with both hands and operating your phone camera with the thumb this will help you stabilize your camera better and gives you sharp images.


One of the common mistakes that people make is the wrong angle. Let’s understand the first angle it’s called tilt down angle. If a tall person is shooting kids or someone who’s shorter than him or her, he might end up taking this angle.

This tilt-down angle makes people look short, so it is definitely not the angle that gives you any attractive images.

If you are looking for it to show the actual height of the person, you need to avoid tilt down angles you need to go for angle number 2 it’s called a straight angle.

At this angle, you need to hold the phone at your subject’s eye level. When you do so the image will start looking much better than the tilt down angle. This angle normally gives you the actual height of the subject. This is also referred to as eye-level angle.

The third angle is my favorite angle it’s called tilt-up angle tilt-up angle is something I use a lot in my fashion shots it makes people look taller which means your model will have a long leg look and he/she will look taller.


Portrait mode is a must-have feature on your phone nowadays, most mobiles come with portrait mode.

You can turn on your portrait mode by going under the menu and select portrait mode from there.

Portrait mode gives you a good background blur. portrait mode also works in both tele and wide-angle views. With the background blur, you can make sure that your subject is getting highlighted and no other distractions in the background are getting any attention in the picture.

When shooting with a DSLR one of the best things that you get is a background blur and now on your phone also you can get that same with the portrait mode.


The other thing to consider is the light. Never shoots in the direct sunlight as you can see on my model’s face right now we are getting a lot of shadows of her hair.

For better lighting on the model’s face all I have to do is, move my model into the shade, the moment I move my model into the shade, I’ll start getting a very soft light onto the model’s face because the sun is not hitting the face directly.

We are not going to get any hard shadows and the model also would be very comfortable.

Direct sun light
Under the sade

I hope this small tutorial will help you take better pictures on your mobile we have the entire course coming up for mobile photography on my youtube channel I’ll be creating a playlist and I’ll be putting up everything from beginner to an advanced level about mobile photography on that particular playlist we are working on the course right now you’ll see those videos about mobile photography very soon on my channel so stay tuned.

Write us up if you are looking for any specific tutorial on mobile photography. Would be a pleasure to share knowledge with you amazing people.

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