Month: January 2018


Crop sensor camera – Is it good for fashion photography ? Or do i need full frame camera for shooting commercially?

Crop sensor camera, are you serious? Being a professional fashion photographer, do you really use crop sensor camera for your fashion photography assignments? My answer is YES, I love my crop sensor camera and I do use it for my fashion shots. I own two DSLR bodies, crop sensor and full frame both. I love shooting with both as they produce different outputs and they both have their pros and cons. Today i will be posting some images, from my recent fashion shoot which i did with the crop sensor body 60D and the kit lenses 18-55, 55-250 and 40 mm f2.8 lens.

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Product photographer

Top Product photographer, jewellery photographer from Ahmedabad, India.

From shooting OMEGA watches, to ARMANI perfumes. When its about the best Product photographer, or Jewellery photographer in Ahmedabad. VarunPatel Photography, is your answer. Our company has been shooting products and jewellery, for many big brands in all over India. We do product photography for product catalogues. We also shoot product in creative styles, for the campaigns or billboards.

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beginner level photography

10 things to consider for starting photography career as a beginner. – A must read blog.

Photographers, in their beginner stage of photography career. Makes wrong decisions, because of lack of knowledge or no proper guidance. So to make things easier for them. Here i am sharing few frequently asked questions, and their respective answers. From buying the proper photography kit to where to learn photography? I will be covering everything here. 

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Outdoor lighting setups diagrams

Indoor Outdoor lighting setups – Simple but effective lighting diagrams.

Setting up your lights, for the best shot can be a big pain in the back. So I thought to share, some of my favourite indoor & outdoor lighting setups, to help the photographers who are still in their “I am learning photography” stage. These lighting setups, are helpful in all kind of, indoor or outdoor lighting conditions.  I have previously shared my one light setups on my blog. And due to amazing response and comments here are some more.

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Fitness Photographer

Best Fitness Photographer From Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

The toughest job of any fitness photographer, is to focus while he/she is surrounded by such amazing bodies. Just kidding, but yes in this current fashion trend, fitness is also a big key to get your self promoted easily as a model or idol for someone. But being fitness model is sure not a easy task. Here I am sharing some quick tips for, photographers, fitness models, bodybuilders to help make their fitness shoots better.

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Photo retouching

Photo retouching workflow to get the best output from your edits.

Photo retouching requires a proper workflow to keep the process simple and monotonous. The photo retouching workflow starts from, processing the RAW file to get best dynamic range, correcting the compositions, correcting and process skin, colour processing for that particular look, and finally processing the image for the media.

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