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Basic photography courses – Best beginner level photography courses in Ahmedabad, India.

Want to do a basic photography course? Why to go to some unknown institutes? When you can learn from, the well known, fashion photography legend, Varun Patel. If you are still searching for, the best beginner level photography course to join, then just have a look at our amazing beginner level course.

Finding the perfect basic photography course, or beginner level photography course. Can be a very tough job, considering so many options to learn from now a days. Learning fundamental of photography can be easier, if you keep practical approach to your learning. Our Beginner level photography course covers, Fundamental of Photography, using natural and artificial lights. Followed by 4 photo shoots with models, and 2 editing sessions.

Alright, so lets talk about what you can expect, from our beginner level photography course. As this course is specially made for those who are complete newbie to photography. So this course, will start from the very important topic, “Understanding your DSLR”. We will explain you all the important menu, Camera components, lenses. Once you understand your camera better. We will take your journey further, with the explanation of photography fundamentals. Shooting on the “MANUAL MODE”.

After mastering your manual mode, you will learn about lights. From outdoor lighting, to using flashes and even studio lighting setups, will be covered practically. Now when you are ready with all the knowledge. It is time to prove your self, our 4 model sessions, where you are going to shoot with 4 different professional models for your portfolio. Ready to publish your amazing pictures from your model session? Wait for our photo editing sessions, they are the final touch to our beginner level photography course. In our photo editing sessions, we will teach you how you can process your images for the best outputs.



Module – 1 (Fundamentals)

• Types of Digital Camera
• Digital Camera understanding
• Modes of Camera
• Camera Components and concepts
• Understanding Digital Image Sensor
• Resolution and Understanding of Raw, JPG
• Camera Parts and accessories
• Aperture
• Manual Focus and Focal Length
• Shutter Speed
• Exposure Metering
• White Balance
• Angle & shots
• Learn To Read Histograms
• Framing and Boarders
• Elements of Composition

Module – 2 (Advance techniques and photoshoots with model)

• Understanding The Light
• How to work with built-in flash of your camera
• How to work with external flash
• Understanding how to use the external flash off camera
• Understanding the light modifiers
• Studio Lighting Basics
• 4 Photoshoots With Professional Model
• Become familiar with the Photoshop interface
• Retouching techniques
• Introduction to use of layers and masks
• Time saving actions and batch processing
• Image resolution, resizing and colour optimisation for web display and printing



We believe in keeping it to the point only. So our all the courses are 100% practical courses. And they are also part time courses only, as we have lot of students coming to us, who is already busy with their studies or jobs. Our beginner level photography course is of total 18 sessions only. Considering 2 sessions, per week will sum up to some where around two months and few more days. Our sessions timings normally will be morning 8 am around. And all our sessions are of two hours each. So around office hours you will be working in your office, with out any one knowing about what you did in the morning.



The best thing about our beginner level photography course is, that we keep the batch size very limited. So that we can personally give attention on each and every student. Our goal is to train quality photographers, rather then training quantity. Maximum number of students per batch, is 6 students.



Satisfied with the beginner level course, excited to join us? Well the process is very simple. As the number of seats are limited, we register the seats on first come first serve bases. So all you have to do is, take the appointment(if you want to meet Varun Patel personally) and pay the advance fees. Or you can deposit the amount in our bank account and your seat is confined.



Because of, we keep on upgrading our courses. We do not disclose our fees, of any Varun Patel Photography Courses online. As fees are subject to change with out any prior notice, due to the change in the course style. So we request you to contact us on our mail address, or give us a call on +91 9898 550 223. Feel free to Whatsapp us on the same number for any offline inquiry regarding fees. We will send you our all the three courses, and the respective fees with all the detailed information about the courses.



Does my studies count? Is there any eligibility criteria for joining the course? NOPE. Sure we run a very professional photography course, but we try to keep everything friendly and simple for our students. Our goal is to pass on the knowledge to you. So if you are ready to learn and build up your skills. We are ready to take you as student. All we need from your side, is a DSLR camera and your 100% presence in the course.



Must read, for beginner level photographers 10 important things to consider for photography beginners. This article will give you all those tiny pointers, to make your decisions easy.

Done with your basic photography skills? Are you looking for some more advanced photography courses? Do not worry, our Intermediate level course, and the most amazing Master course will develop your advance lighting and editing skills. Our advanced courses will be the key to our, most amazing lighting setup secrets. Check out our institute’s website for any further FAQs. 



Beginner level photography courseVarun Patel
is the owner at VarunPatel Photography.
He is also an educator who teaches aspiring amateurs and professionals how to improve their skills through articles, photography classes, and photography travel tours. 
He is a retoucher with more than 10 years of retouching experience. 
Varun Patel has mentored more then 300 students by now.

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Varun Patel is big name when it comes to Fashion Industry. His work has been published in magazines like FTL, Femina and many others. He also conducts Fashion Photography Workshops and shares his knowledge with other photographers. He mostly shoots Fashion and Commercial Portraits, during his free time he also likes to experiment with the conceptual editorials.

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