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Photography Course

Photography course to join this summer

The summer is already here, and you must be willing to join something creative that takes you out of your regular routine. Well we are ready with our special summer vacation batch. This photography course is going to teach you everything, from fundamentals, to understanding the lights. It will also give you hand on experience of shooting with professional models during your practice sessions, and finally the Photoshop retouching sessions will teach you to enhance your images to professional quality.

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How to become a successful model – Important tips from Fashion Photographer Varun Patel

Every good looking guy or girl wants to become a Model today. They see glamour, fame, success behind that but what they do not see is, All the hard work models has to put to reach at that point. Modelling requires more than your 100% efforts. A model should be able to act, express and perform as per the photographer’s requirement. You will have to leave behind lot of your favourite food and late night parties. If you are ready to do that then lets talk about this. 

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Crop sensor camera – Is it good for fashion photography ? Or do i need full frame camera for shooting commercially?

Crop sensor camera, are you serious? Being a professional fashion photographer, do you really use crop sensor camera for your fashion photography assignments? My answer is YES, I love my crop sensor camera and I do use it for my fashion shots. I own two DSLR bodies, crop sensor and full frame both. I love shooting with both as they produce different outputs and they both have their pros and cons. Today i will be posting some images, from my recent fashion shoot which i did with the crop sensor body 60D and the kit lenses 18-55, 55-250 and 40 mm f2.8 lens.

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