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A Two-Day Swimwear Photography Workshop in Goa

Photography workshop goa

Imagine the sun shining bright on the beautiful beaches of Goa, making everything feel warm and inviting. Now, picture a special two-day workshop all about taking awesome pictures of international models in swimwear and enjoying the afterparties.

It’s like a creative adventure where you can learn lighting and composition tricks to make your photos look amazing. This workshop is like a guiding light for people who love taking swimwear and fashion pictures and want to get better at it. We’re here to share the exciting moments and helpful tips from this weekend filled with fun and learning, all happening in the stunning backdrop of Goa’s beaches.

If you have been to our previous workshops, you already have been part of the crazy after-workshop fun. But if you are new to our workshops, let us tell you that you are going to have one of the best times of your life during our workshops.

Let’s know more about this workshop, or shall we say your fun vacation.

Photography workshop goa


Day 1 10th January

11:30 Check in to your hotel room and get ready for your lunch

12:30 Meet us for lunch at the restaurant

1:30 we start the workshop

This day is going to be shooting till sunset and some shots will be done with the sunset and the beach in the background. ( don’t forget to get your telephoto lenses, as we are expecting a lot of people to be on the beach during this time of the year )

Day 2 11th January

6:30 am is your call time, let’s meet at the beach for the group discussion about what to be done on this day

7:00 am With the first ray of sunrise light we will start our shoot

12:30 pm will be your lunch break, lunch managed by us for all

1:30 pm we will restart the shoot

4:30 pm We will be wrapping up the day with some amazing images from the two days of shooting

Photography workshop goa

Workshop Fees

29,000/- Rs ( early bird price for first 5 seats )
36,000/- Rs ( regular price )
Total 8 seats maximum

Workshop Highlights

  • Two international models
  • 1on1 Shooting time for each photographer
  • 2 days of shooting and learning from the industry’s best mentor Varun Patel
  • It is a vacation with amazing people from the community, build up your connections with other photographers
  • After workshop support from the mentor and the team

Book your seat for the workshop

Step 1 The booking process is very simple, we will need you to send us your Full name, Email, and Number on our WhatsApp +91 9898 550 223 with a message saying, I want to enroll my seat for the workshop.

Step 2 Our team will send you the bank account details, where you need to send the amount for booking, and congratulations you are on board for the workshop.

Please note:
– Right now we are open for pre-bookings only, which means we will be taking 10,000/- as the advance to confirm your seat. This is a pre-booking amount to secure your spot. Once we get the minimal number of seats to execute the workshop, we will ask for the rest of the fees to be paid in the accounts.
– We wanted to give you a heads-up about something important. You might have heard about the rise in Covid cases lately, and we want to be upfront with you. Things can change, and there might be adjustments or even cancellations to the event.
If we have to cancel the workshop, don’t worry – we’ve got your back. We’ll refund the total amount you paid for the event. However, we want to make it clear that we won’t be able to cover any expenses you might have incurred, like travel tickets or other arrangements.
Given the uncertain situation, we strongly recommend you book your travel tickets with a “cancellation refund” option. This way, you’re covered in case of any unexpected changes.

What is included

  • Mentoring charges for two days
  • Model charges for two days
  • Your stay for 10th ( check-in ) , 12th ( check-out )
  • Your lunch for the workshop days ( breakfast & dinner to be managed by the students )

What’s not included

  • Your local transport in Goa
  • Your flights/trains
  • Any other expenses such as beverages, or any activities you do else of workshop are not included

What you need to bring along

  • Your camera system
  • Trigger and lighting system ( 1 light only required )
  • Appropriate modifier
  • A laptop ( optional )
  • Your swimming costume ( unless you are planning to skinny-dipping )

Reach our team

Call: +91 9898 550 223


See you guys in Goa

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    1. Thanks for showing your interest, well the workshop location and the venue will be disclosed with our registered students only. If you have any queries you can reach our team on the given number and they will be happy to answer your questions.

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