I am writing this just not for wedding photographers in Ahmedabad but this article is for all the wedding photographers and their clients. And specially for those clients who needs to understand the value of the wedding photographer. Recently I been to a wedding, where i saw the clients and their family treating the photographers very badly. I really felt sorry for the wedding photographers, and it really made me write this article here. So here is what happened with those guys. 

Being a fashion photographer, I never understood the hard work and efforts it takes to be a wedding photographer. Wedding photographers not only have to work under uncertain conditions. But they also have to work in a limited amount of time with out any planning sometimes. When i say wedding photographers that also means the entire team, from wedding cinematographers, to videographers to candid photographer even their helpers.

Wedding photographers are no GODS. They need time.

So, i was enjoying the wedding functions. And suddenly heard lot of noise from bride and groom’s room side. I went there to just check weather everything was going good. What i saw was there were few people, shouting on the wedding photographers, who were trying to shoot the couple’s portraits. The family member wanted to take the couple for the rituals. They were being very abusive to the photographers. I felt bad for them. Being humble the photographers really were being very calm. Now i do not understand , if you want good pictures why you are not giving them good enough time.

Then they went for the rituals, and photographers started working as everything was normal. Then after sometime, during the rituals I saw some guys (who were drunk) were coming in the frame of one photographer. He requested for like so many times to them for moving out of the frame, so he can get that perfect angle. Suddenly one guy took away that photographer’s camera and threw it on the floor. Now that really was it for the photographer. He stopped shooting and went to the team leader and explained him everything. The team leader went to the client and explained but i guess there was no solution or whatever. But my point is that why anyone would do that. The photographer was doing his job and finding a good frame. Those guys were so wrong and throwing away the camera was really a cheap move.

Dear clients, do read following to know why your wedding photographers needs respect from you guys.

Owning a good DSLR does not make you a good photographer, your wedding photographers have put up more then just the money. But as most of the clients understand the language of money only, so here is how much your wedding photographers have spend before they started their wedding photography business.

  • Take Photography Classes – 1,00,000/- Rs
  • Professional camera and professional lighting equipments – 6,00,000/- Rs
  • Legal fees and photography contracts – 10,000/- Rs
  • Softwares and computers – 1,60,000/- Rs
  • Marketing budget for their business – 1,00,000/- Rs

So a total of around 9,70,000/- is a good budget to start their photography business, and do keep in mind this is just one photographer’s budget so if you are hiring a team. They have spend lot of amount and time to learn and be in the business. So respecting the amount given and the time they spend to learn you should at least be a nice person and respect your wedding photographers.


Be a client for whom the photographer would love to work again

Being a Photographer isn’t just a job of clicking button but way too much than that. Every photographer reading this will agree this and even all the non- photographers must agree this too. Today, photography involves various aspects. Though having a DSLR makes you a photographer already, but again it’s majorly on the talent to find the scene and click the pic.

  • Understand the process and what you are paying for
  • Don’t ask for more photos than delivered
  • Don’t expect big discounts or free photography
  • Do not ever crop out watermarks
  • Unless they offer, do not ask them to do the type of photography they do not do
  • Give them proper credits on social media
  • Camera does not make the image, it is your photographers who does so respect them and be nice


My this article is mixture of my hate and other feelings, but at the same time I want to convey a message to all the clients out there. Wedding photographers are really working hard to give you what you deserve, so at least you can try to give them what they deserve and that is a huge RESPECT so please be nice with your wedding photographers.