Budget studio lights – Studio lights under 10000/-Rs

Budget studio lights under 10000/- Rs. Yes, you are reading it right. We are talking about studio lights which are cheap and good for beginner use. And still they will be able to give you images like these

Shot with simpex 300 D studio lights
Shot with simpex 300 D and reflector
Shot with simpex 300 D and a reflector

I am sure you would never know that these images were shot with such low budget lights . They does work perfectly for your basic home studio requirements. So lets know these budget lights better.

I have used simpex 300d lights for all these given shots. In fact when i started my career, my first studio lighting system were two simpex 300d and regular square softboxes. Because when you are starting your photography career, you are definitely working with a tight budget and a list full of equipments to buy. So when it came about buying the budget studio lights, I opted for simpex lights. As they were cheap and was doing the decent job.

A mono head with out any power adjustments

I bought this head first and i was happy with my buying. It sure was delivering the power i was looking for in my initial budget studio lights. But the only con was it was firing all the time on a fix given power output , so taking shots with shallow DOF was not possible with them . So I bout the another variant from same company, which had the power adjustment knob, so i was able to get the exact amount of light i wanted for the shots.

A mono head with power adjustment settings

Lot of photographers believes that a budget studio light will never give them the best outputs. But trust my word ” Light is light ” , you can do great shots with budget studio lights as well. And when you are starting up in your career, you are getting paid less. So using lights worth of 4,00,000/-Rs is not a good idea. The last time i checked for the price of simpex 300D , it was still 3,400/- Rs per unit which is really like 1% only of the high end units.

Things to consider for your first studio lighting system

  • Budget – Fix a budget before you go for buying, as buying a new light is as tempting as buying a new car.
  • Power output – Buy the lights with minimum of 200 watts of power output for your studio shots.
  • Flexibility of setting up the power – Buy the studio light which allows you to change the flash power output so that you can do variable kind of shots.
  • Ease of part replacements – A studio light in which you can easily replace the modelling lamp and the flash tube is more preferable to buy.

Good options available in market under 30,000/- Rs range.

If you have a bit good budget and want to invest in something better then simpex flashes, then go for following two brands.

Elinchrom FRX400

Elinchrom FRX 400

One of my favourite lights and I am still working with these lights for lot of my indoor shoots. They are durable , powerful and one of the best lights when it comes for maintaining colour temperatures.

Godox SK300

Godox SK300

A budget lighting system from godox. Recently godox systems are becoming very famous and are in big demand because of their functions and ease of use.


As a beginner or a newbie photographer, you should focus more on compositions and directing your models. And a budget studio lights should be enough for your indoor lighting setups. Only a high end lighting systems can deliver the quality. Or if i have that light my results will improve, all these statements are more like an excuse to yourself. Believe in yourself and start shooting with any budget studio lights you can buy.

For professional and well established photographers, we are going to write an article which will help them buy the right light for their use. It sure is going to be costly but those systems do come with their own benefits. Stay tuned.

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  1. Sir , i want to buy studio lights for outdoor and indoor garment shoots, so which light i shoud buy ? Ny budget is around 60000 inr.
    Thank u

  2. 1. I want to buy light for photography indoor and outdoor. Suggest me one.. with the best softbox please.
    2. Is there is any light which have both functionalities strobe and continuous. ?

    1. I would prefer Elinchrom ELB systems or Profoto for the best results. All the lights have their respective modeling lamps which stay continuous.

  3. Profoto or godox400pro
    I am totally confuse.i see most of photographers buying profoto
    (Maternity n newborn)

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