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Fashion Photography Course That Builds Your Portfolio – The Master Course

Fashion photography
Fashion Photography Course

This Master Course in Fashion Photography, also known as “The Master Course” on our website, is a course designed specifically for fashion photographers. Photographers who are interested in shooting for fashion brands are typically the ones who choose these courses, but it is also beneficial to those who are interested in wedding or portrait photography.

Our fashion photography courses are an excellent combination of training and hands-on shooting, that helps in building your fresh fashion photography portfolio with the guidance of our mentor. You will have about 21 opportunities to shoot with our Indian models during the course, along with one full-day shoot with an International fashion model who will be hired especially for your shoot.

This is the only course in fashion photography offered in India that also covers marketing strategies and actual examples of client acquisition and quotes. We stand apart from other fashion photography schools or programs because we provide a 1 on 1 learning environment for every student we train, by limiting the size of our classes to maximum 2 students per batch.

Fashion Photography Course

A 2000+ Sqft professional studio as your learning space, equipped with all the latest photographic gear. Experience this professional space while learning with India’s leading fashion photographer and lighting guru, Varun Patel.

Varun Patel Photography Studio is situated at Ahmedabad’s prime location thaltej, Nr. Sindhu bhavan road. With the great connectivity of public transport and private transport, we are easily accessible. The area also has good options for PG for students coming from other cities/states.

We are a fashion photography school that gives students not only a theoretical understanding of the topics but also much practical training, primarily in the form of studio lighting practice shoots, outdoor location shoots, workshops, etc.

Throughout the entire fashion photography course, students are exposed to advanced photography techniques, the most recent trends in fashion photography, as well as the equipment needed to create images for editorial and commercial fashion photography.

Fashion Photography Courses Outline

Module 1 – Advanced Lighting Setups

Fashion Photography Course

Our fashion photography courses’ first module, “Advanced lighting setups,” covers in detail knowledge about lighting equipment, light modifiers, lighting techniques, studio lighting, on-location or outdoor lighting, Special Effects Lighting, and more.

This fashion photography course would include hands-on learning with live models, which is a great way to practice and apply the lighting techniques you learn in class.

Having access to models will allow you to experiment with different lighting setups and see the effects they have on the subject, which can help you develop your own style and preferences.

  • Lighting laws and how they affect your image contrast
  • Light qualities and ways to modify them as per your requirements
  • Light shaping with the use of the right lighting modifier
  • Light modification and benefits of doing that
  • Using the natural window light in 3 different ways to create different lighting effects
  • The proper way to use reflectors and diffusers for outdoor shoots
  • Understand the different flash head types and their usage
  • Learn about SyncSpeed, HSS, TTL, Curtain Sync, and every other option your Flash offers
  • Understand the trigger types and how they affect the flash trigger communication
  • Learn the practical use of studio light modifiers such as beauty dishes, softboxes, standard reflectors, umbrellas, parabolic modifiers, ring flashes, flags, scrims
  • Creative ways of flash bouncing
  • 8 primary main light setups to shape your subject
  • Flash ratio understanding of key light, main, fill, and secondary lights
  • High-key and low-key lighting setups
  • Commercial beauty lighting setups
  • How to create the 3d light with a ring flash
  • Master the famous fashion lighting shutter drag technique
  • Levitation Photography
  • Shooting with a Para umbrella for that clean shadowless light
  • What is gobo, how to create a manual gobo, using the specialized light modifier for gobos
  • Understanding and using the color gels in different ways
  • Using color checker to create your camera profiles in Photoshop for 100% color accuracy

Module 2 – Fashion Portfolio Building Shoot

6 practice shoots for your portfolio building
+ 6 different models
+ fashion stylist to help you style the models
+ hair and make-up team to glam up the models

Creating mood boards is an important aspect of the pre-production process in fashion photography, and during this fashion photography course, we will provide students with guidance on how to plan and create effective mood boards.

Students will learn how to research and gather inspiration, develop concepts, and communicate their ideas through visual representation using a mood board.

Students who enroll in this fashion photography course will have the chance to build a portfolio of top-notch photos by working with our models, fashion stylists, and hair and makeup teams.

Working with a fashion stylist and makeup artist can be incredibly beneficial when planning and executing a fashion photography shoot.

These professionals can help students refine their concepts, choose appropriate wardrobes and makeup, and bring their ideas to life.

By collaborating with the fashion stylist and makeup artist, students can learn how to work effectively with other professionals in the industry and produce images that meet the standards and expectations of clients and publications.

Module 3 – Full Day Shoot With International Model

Fashion Photography Course

A full-day fashion shoot with an international fashion model, professional fashion stylist, and mua team under the direction of Mr Varun Patel is a great approach to developing a solid fashion portfolio. Students will learn how to articulate their ideas clearly.

Their technical and creative skills will advance thanks to the mentor’s advice and criticism, and working with the team will open up beneficial networking chances and industry insights.

Students will leave with a portfolio of expertly styled and produced photographs that display their skills and can be used to market their work to potential customers and companies.

Module 4 – Photoshop Retouching Techniques

Fashion photography relies heavily on Photoshop retouching, during our fashion photography course we will teach students how to use it to its full potential.

The goal of this module is to teach students how to improve the quality of their image retouching while still preserving a realistic and natural appearance.

  • Understanding the software interface
  • Learning how to process your RAW files for the best output
  • Know about the Photoshop tools for retouching
  • Using Photoshop’s AI-based tool to make your work faster and easier
  • Importance of layers and masking
  • Skin smoothing – Auto mode
  • Skin smoothing – Through retouching techniques
  • Advanced skin retouching techniques such as FS and D&B
  • Fundamentals of color grading using actions
  • Creating your own work presets and actions
  • Body shaping tools
  • Color calibration theory
  • Preparing your images for web and print use

Module 5 – Marketing Tips & Quotation

Our fashion photography course does not only teach students how to create high-quality fashion photographs but also how to effectively market themselves and their work.

In addition to learning technical skills and creative vision, students should learn about the business side of fashion photography.

Additionally, students will learn about pricing their services, contracts, and negotiations, as well as understanding industry standards and best practices.

By incorporating portfolio marketing techniques into a fashion photography course, students can develop a well-rounded understanding of the industry and the skills needed to succeed as a professional fashion photographer.

Fashion Photography Course Details

Short Term1 month16Call Us
Long Term2 months29Call Us
Call +91 9898 550 223 for any further inquiry

Fashion Photography School – Location

About the mentor

Varun Patel

Varun Patel

Varun is a well-known commercial fashion photographer and photography mentor from Ahmedabad, India.

Varun has trained around 3000+ students from all over the globe. Varun is famous for his friendly nature among his students and his top rating on Google reviews from his students confirms that.

You can check out Varun Patel’s work portfolio on his Website and Instagram page.

How Our Fashion Photography Course Is Different?

Fashion Photography Course

– Best in-industry mentor
– Portfolio building while learning
– Marketing lessons for your business
– 64 hours of shooting with models
– 1on1 Learning Experience
– Shooting experience with professional models
– Experience the professional gears

FAQ regarding our fashion photography courses

What is the difference between short-term and long-term fashion photography courses?

Well, the curriculum is almost the same for both short-term and long terms fashion photography courses. But as the short-term fashion photography course is a fast-track course, you will have less number of sessions for your practice and training compared to the long-term fashion photography course.
The duration for both courses is as follows:
Short term – 1 month – 16 sessions
Long-term – 2 months – 29 sessions
Given durations are customizable, if you have any specific requirements feel free to discuss

When can I start my fashion photography course?

Generally, our fashion photography courses start at an interval of 2 months. So whenever you want to start the course, we prefer you inquire and book your sessions generally a month prior to that.

I am very new to photography, can I opt for this fashion photography course?

If you are someone with very limited or no knowledge about photography, we would recommend that you first do our beginner-level course. That course will clear your fundamentals properly and then you opt for this fashion photography course.
If you feel like you want to go ahead straight for this fashion photography course, then another option is to request a 1on1 fundamental course before this course. You can talk to our team on number +91 9898 550 223 to discuss your needs

I am not from Ahmedabad, will you help me with the PG details?

Yes, we can surely help you with the options of nearby PGs.
As 70% of our student for this fashion photography course is from other states like Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana, thus we keep the list of the right PG to help them plan their accommodation.

What is the procedure to book the session?

A very simple process it is, you have to call our team and discuss your comfortable dates to start your fashion photography course. Our team will guide you with further instructions as well

If I have any queries after the course, is there any support from your side?

Our mentor is accessible to you even after the course is over.
Let it be your buying calls, queries before the shoot, discussing your setups before shoots, or anything regarding photography. We are there to support you even after your fashion photography course.

I am a wedding photographer, will this fashion photography course be helpful to me?

Yes, definitely it will help you. During this course, you are learning the lighting setups on the model. Lighting a model and lighting your client are all the same. We also are going to share our outdoor lighting setup techniques with you which will help you build the speed and confidence for your upcoming pre-wedding and wedding shoots.

I want to learn personally with Varun Sir, is there any option of doing that during this course?

Well, the course is already made in such a way that we take only 2 students per batch. So you already have that 1on1 approach. But for any specific reason, you want to learn as 1 student only per batch basis, it is possible. You need to connect with our team and discuss your requirement for them to help you with this.

Is boudoir photography part of this fashion photography course?

Well as this is a fashion photography course, it is more focused on the Fashion aspect of photography. But if you wish to learn the essentials of boudoir lighting or want to customize this course in such a way that it focuses more on boudoir photography lighting techniques, then do make sure you state that clearly when you discuss with our team while booking the sessions.
We will sure give you sessions that will be more focused on learning boudoir lighting.

Can I plan this fashion photography course start dates as per my schedule?

Yes, the best thing is you can.
Plan your learning month and reach out to us with those dates. We will fit the fashion photography course date to match your schedule.

What gear I will be needing during this course?

Students need to bring their Camera kit, lenses, and a flash system ( for outdoor usage )
In the studio our entire setup is accessible to you, you can use our lighting system and modifiers and studio space during learning and practice sessions for indoor sessions.
If you do not have any specific lighting system for outdoor usage, we will provide our basic lighting setups for outdoor usage.
Generally, students prefer to use their own systems to get more hands-on experience of their own gears and clear doubts if any.

Do you provide internships to your students after the course?

Yes, we do. But only to selected students. Also, this depends on the slot availability. More details about the internship can be discussed during your course.

Is there any certification on completion of this fashion photography course?

Yes, it is a certification course for fashion photography, we do provide the private certificate to the students who have finished their assignments and submissions properly during the given time.

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