Newborn photography workshop

Newborn Photography Workshop – Varun Patel

NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY is now being considered as a big time career in photography business. If you are considering Newborn Photography as your specialization than our Newborn Photography Workshop is the perfect course for you to learn and master your skills. This Workshop will cover everything from fundamentals of photography, to the perfect lighting setups for Newborn. We will show you practically how to pose and wrap the baby, and with a special artificial baby you can learn, practice and master your posing and wrapping skill under our professional wrapping artists guidance. Editing baby images in photoshop is also going to be part of this workshop. We will make sure you learn everything properly, and for that we keep the batch limited to 6 students only.

 Duration : 6 days 
Students per batch : 6 students
For Registration +91 9898 550 223
Newborn photography workshop
Newborn Photography Workshop


  • Understanding which lenses are best for newborn shoots, and why?
  • Which are the right and best settings for shooting newborn?
  • White balance, and how it will help you with the best colors?
  • Shooting on Manual mode and the benefits.
  • What is RAW and benefits of shooting RAW for those high quality image.
  • Understanding histograms for measuring your perfect exposures.
  • Focusing modes, techniques for those very sharp images with creamy background blur.
  • Right angles for shooting newborn.


  • Setup for a budget home studio
  • Setup for a commercial studio
  • Understand the equipments and gears
  • Why flash? And how it will change your lighting game for Newborn Photography?
  • Different lighting setups for Newborn Photography and Family shots with baby
  • Understand how to create soft natural light with flash during any time of the day
  • Understanding the best light modifiers for Newborn shoots
  • Shooting live with stunt baby


  • Safety in posing newborn
  • Basic newborn poses
  • Newborn photography poses with family
  • Selecting the right props
  • Understanding the colors for set creation
  • Using the props and pillows for posing
  • Basic newborn wraps
  • How to comfort the baby
  • Importance of selecting right materials
  • Preparation for mother before shoot
  • Preparing for the shoot as photographer
  • A live wrapping session on stunt baby


  • Session full of practicing and shooting
  • Give yourself practical experience with wrapping and posing with our stunt baby
  • Compete with others and see how good are you at your skills
  • Build your own setups
  • Prepare your stunt baby with posing and wrapping style that you like
  • Set your studio lighting system
  • Shoot some images in your camera
  • Our mentors will review your images, and will explain about your goods & bads


  • RAW Processing
  • Using Actions for making your workflow fast and simple
  • Tools for skin cleaning
  • Stamp tool for background filling
  • Power of content aware fill
  • Basic layer masking
  • Color grading using actions
  • Preparing your images for web use
  • Image preparation for print media
  • Applying your logo in the images
  • Web services you should use for selection and presentation
 Duration : 6 days 
Students per batch : 6 students
For Registration +91 9898 550 223
Newborn photography workshop


  • Understand the market and local trends
  • How to prepare your rate cards
  • Find out the right audience for your business
  • Social media presence and how you can be better
  • Offers and discounts for a quick start with your business
Newborn Photography Workshop

Meet Our Mentors

Varun Patel

Varun Patel

Commercial Fashion Photographer and Mentor of 600+ students all over the glob. Mentor for Module 1,2 & 5

Swati Khoda

A professional newborn photographer and wrapping artist with lot of good ideas. Mentor for Module 3 & 4




I am newbie in Newborn photography, can i join?

Yes, sure you can. As our Newborn Photography workshop covers up everything from photography fundamentals and build up further. So even you have never used a DSLR before, or just have some experience using, you still can join.

What i need for joining the Newborn Photography workshop?

A DSLR camera is what we prefer as that will give you the output you are looking for, but if you have a point and shoot camera with manual mode, then also you can join.

Will you help with what gears should i buy?

Yes, we will give you entire list of gear with the respective links to buy from and some local contacts also to buy your gears.

Do i need laptop during the workshop?

Well, it is not compulsory but we have session for photoshop where we are going to teach you about how to edit your images for that final touches. So we prefer you come with laptop so you can practice in front of us and solve your doubts.

How to enroll for the Newborn photography workshop?

It is very simple, give us a call on 9898550223 and we will help you to enroll your seat

If i have any doubts after the workshop, is there any support from you?

Yes, we always believe in building up a better community. Our goal is never just to commercializing our workshops, we want to make sure we are producing some good quality photographers. So we are always there to answer your questions, even after your workshop is over you can ask your questions to us in Email. We answer our emails with in a working day. For any urgent queries you can also reach us on our calling number

Do we practice wrapping and posing with a real baby during workshop?

No, due to safy of the baby we do not give out any real baby during the workshop. But what we give is not less than a real baby, we are giving a stunt baby which is a super expensive baby imported from USA. This stunt baby is almost like a real baby and you can do all posing and wrapping with all the movements of the baby. Plus it makes your learning easier because the real babies are sometimes not co-operating well and we need to make sure during workshop that does not happen.

In which city your workshop is going to be?

Ahmedabad, gujarat

Is there any accomodation near by to the studio?

Yes, as we are in a metro city with lot of good Airbnb hosts.

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Varun Patel is big name when it comes to Fashion Industry. His work has been published in magazines like FTL, Femina and many others. He also conducts Fashion Photography Workshops and shares his knowledge with other photographers. He mostly shoots Fashion and Commercial Portraits, during his free time he also likes to experiment with the conceptual editorials.

55 thoughts on “Newborn Photography Workshop – Varun Patel”

  1. Please let me know price details and venue….. If possible please conduct a workshop in banglore about fashion and newborn photography very much excited to work with under u sir

      1. Sir pune kab he, or ahmedabad date kya he, me satara se hu maharashtra, rehne ka intazam bhi he kya hostel etc

        1. Sep month workshop – Full
          Oct month workshop – 1 seat available
          Nov month workshop – 3 seats available

          Given seats availability is simply subject to booking so please reach us on 9898550223 for more info

          1. September and October are full
            We have seat available in november and only two seats are available now which are open for first come first serve basis so please reach us on 9898550223 for bookings

      2. Hi Varun!! I am interested in learning this photography from you. Are you coming to Bangalore anytime soon?

        1. Hi Hazel
          I run my courses in my city only as I need my studio and many more things to train you guys. If we are coming for a workshop then you sure will know about that from our social media.

      1. I want to take a work shop ..Myself cometely new to this field but verymuch intrested.Dont know how to handle cam also .can I join in this workshop .

    1. Hi Vibha
      For now we are doing workshops in ahmedabad only so all the students needs to join us here
      IF we are planning for hyd we will sure update on our social media and blog

  2. This workshop is must for Photographers willing to have their career in new born Photography . Varun sir made our basics so strong , all we have after completion of workshop is good technical knowledge and more confidence to use our gear in proper manner. Apart from it swati mam is one nice human soft and polite , taught us how to tackle baby , what to take care while shooting and most importantly wrapping the baby and getting right pictures.
    For those who think new born is easy ,trust me it’s not but these guys made it just pretty simple . So it’s a must attend workshop:)
    I am glad that I joined it.

    1. I would love doing that but we need lot of stuff for explanation which is easy to manage if we stay in our city. So please travel and explore a new city while you learn something new with us

        1. Hi Neha,
          We are not planning any workshops in Mumbai in fact, we do not do city-to-city workshops.
          Workshops are something which we provide a certain interval, and newborn workshop is 6 days workshop so can not be just for weekends.

      1. From 23rd Feb to what date is the next workshop? Will it be for continuous 7 days? Would like to know more if I travel for the workshop from different place so If it is continuous it would be great..

  3. Hello Sir,
    I am from Pune. Is it full day of workshop?
    Please inform me next or coming workshop dates..

  4. Please share the details of forthcoming workshop and the charges for the same… any classes in Delhi Sir

  5. I want to attend workshop for new born photography. Kindly send me the modules and details and content covered in workshop. I am a newbee in this field and want to start photography in bharuch.

    1. Please reach us for this on our given number 9898550223 and about what we cover, well that is written on the same blog above so kindly have a look

      1. Hello Mr.Varun Patel
        I want to join the workshop
        Tell me now when will this workshop(new baby photography) come?

  6. Hi
    Good to know about your workshops.
    Do you provide baby handling training? Or can guide from where it can be done?


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