Skin Retouching Course/workshop – with VARUN PATEL

Skin retouching course

Unlike other pre-recorded skin retouching courses, our course is a live course. Where our mentor will be live with you so you can ask your questions and solve your doubts. This skin retouching course includes everything you need to know to start your retouching business.

16,000/- Only

13,000/- For our students

4 seats only

This course is specially crafted for retouchers by commercial fashion and beauty photographer and retoucher Varun Patel.

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Sessions: 10 sessions via ZOOM/GOOGLE MEET
Duration: Approx 1 hour live session and total 10 sessions
Date: 15-06-2021
Time: 9pm – 10pm
Mentor: Varun Patel
Practice Files: PSD files with layers for your reference, photographed and copyrighted by Varun Patel

For bookings call us on 9898550223

Skin Retouching Course Outline

Day 1 – Your first step

  • Importance of a properly exposed image
  • Do’s and Don’ts for a good retouch
  • Hard light & soft light how does that matter to your images
  • Getting familiar with photoshop UI
  • Layers, masks, inverted masks, groups, clipping layers, and more

Day 2 – Making your explore more

  • Brush tool and important properties
  • Wacom tablet for retouching and the benefits
  • Healing tool and cloning tool for retouching
  • Blending modes for the brushes
  • Selection tools ( Auto & Manual )

Day 3 – RAW is everything

  • Processing RAW files
  • Multiple RAW files for a better Dynamic Range
  • Preparing RAW files for local sharpness if required later
  • Analyze your images before you start

Day 4 – A magic trick

  • Frequency Separation in detail

Day 5 – Bread and butter for a retoucher

  • Art of dodge and burn

Day 6 – Everything matters

  • Retouching nails
  • Chapped lips

Day 7 – Your MUA is gonna love you

  • Eyes enhancement and retouching
  • Lip enhancements
  • Preparing custom brushes for eyebrows
  • Painting eyebrows

Day 8 – LIVE retouch

  • A Live Retouch while answering your questions

Day 9 – LIVE retouch

  • A Live Retouch while answering your questions

Day 10 – Retouching business

  • Working with clients and & the business of retouching
  • Credits and contracts
  • Queries from the students ( if any )
Retouching Course

For bookings call us on 9898550223

What you gain out of the course

After this skin retouching course, we guarantee you a great deal of confidence while you will handle your future projects. You will be able to analyze your images as a professional retoucher, and with a good amount of practice, you will be able to produce natural and commercial-looking outputs.

Your retouches will be polished-looking high-quality retouches and you will be able to do that with great confidence every single time.

2 responses to “Skin Retouching Course/workshop – with VARUN PATEL”

  1. Hello 👋. i m a big admirer of Varun sir’s work and many of my media friends have worked under him or around his team

    I m a Fashion Retoucher
    You wont believe
    I made my name in the Industry in a very short period and got an opportunity to work with many
    Good agencies and Photographers worldwide

    My main reason of contact is that
    I want to know if it’s there any way possible to attend the Last Episode of the class
    Being an industry Retoucher myself I don’t feel the need to pay this hefty amount to just attend the last episode about the Business perspective
    And main reason how to find more clients and work

    Plzz let me know if there’s anyway possible

    • Hello, thanks for showing such respect towards Varun sir’s work and we are sure you are also a great retoucher.
      We really can not allow anyone for just one part as the entire course works as a package I hope you understand this thanks.

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