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Photography course to join this summer

The summer is already here, and you must be willing to join something creative that takes you out of your regular routine. Well we are ready with our special summer vacation batch. This photography course is going to teach you everything, from fundamentals, to understanding the lights. It will also give you hand on experience of shooting with professional models during your practice sessions, and finally the Photoshop retouching sessions will teach you to enhance your images to professional quality.

Let’s know our photography course better

Our beginner level photography course is divided into 4 modules
Module 1 covers up the fundamentals of photography. This module will cover up everything from DSLR menus to photography rules. After completing this module you will be shooting confidently in manual mode. 
Module 2 covers up the lighting basics. From outdoor lighting to indoor lighting techniques, using flashes and reflectors. Everything you should know about photography lighting techniques is included in this module. The lighting module will give you a good brief about the basics of indoor outdoor lighting. 
Module 3 Photo shoot with our models. This is the most interesting module for our students, because they get to shoot with our professional models. They can practice the techniques they have learnt during the entire course and take some amazing professional looking images without models. 
Module 4 is post processing. Yes, we cover Photo editing also, as now a day digital editing is a must thing. To get those edgy looks and for giving professional touch-up what you need to learn has been included in this module. Understand have a hand on experience for using Photoshop.

Module 1

Learning the photography fundamentals

  • Types of Digital Camera 
  • Digital Camera 
  • Modes of Camera 
  • Camera Components and concepts 
  • Digital Image Sensor 
  • Resolution and Understanding of Raw, JPG 
  • Camera Parts and accessories 
  • Aperture 
  • Manual Focus and Focal Length 
  • Shutter Speed 
  • ISO 
  • Exposure Metering 
  • White Balance 
  • Angle & shots 
  • Histograms 
  • Painting with Light 
  • Panning and other techniques 
  • Framing and Borders 
  • Elements of Composition

Module 2

Understanding lighting techniques

  • Understanding The Light 
  • Brief about the light quality 
  • How to work with built-in flash of your camera 
  • Using external flashes 
  • Type of the flashgun 
  • How to use the external flash off camera 
  • Understanding the light modifiers 
  • Studio Lighting Basics 
  • Using reflectors outdoor 
  • Outdoor lighting setups 

Module 3

Practice shoot with our professional models

We will be giving you 4 practice shoots with our professional experienced models during the photography sessions
  • 4 hours indoor shoot for practice 
  • 4 hours indoor shoot under the guidance of mr Varun Patel 
  • 4 hours outdoor shoot for practice 
  • 4 hours outdoor shoot under the guidance of mr Varun Patel

Module 4


Introduction to photoshop
  • Understanding the software interface 
  • Learning how to process your RAW files for best output 
  • Tools for editing 
  • Healing for skin corrections 
  • Power of the content aware fill 
  • Cloning for composition correction 
  • Understanding layers 
  • Understanding masking 
  • Using plug-ins for skin smoothing

Course duration

2 months, 2 sessions per week

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Varun Patel is big name when it comes to Fashion Industry. His work has been published in magazines like FTL, Femina and many others. He also conducts Fashion Photography Workshops and shares his knowledge with other photographers. He mostly shoots Fashion and Commercial Portraits, during his free time he also likes to experiment with the conceptual editorials.

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