Introduction To Commercial Product Photography – By Varun Patel

Product Photography Course

Finally announcing the most awaited product photography course. This introductory online course will give you the inside view of commercial product photography.

Learn pre-preparations, shooting techniques, and post-preparations for commercial product shoots.

Online Product photography course

A perfectly crafted photography course for photographers who seeks opportunity in the commercial product photography business.

It is an online photography course with a live stream for practical sessions in our studio. This means while you are sitting at home, you can be present in our studio via your laptop or phone.

We will be doing the live product shoots online with proper explanations during our shooting sessions. You will be watching what lights we use, which modifiers we use and you will also have answers for why we use them.

You will learn professional product photography techniques to shoot e-commerce and commercial images. We will show you our professional techniques that we have learned from years of field experience.

This product photography course also includes photoshop, which will be focused more on product post-processing techniques.

Online Product photography Course

What you will learn during our product photography course ?

How to price your art or How to quote your clients?

We will guide you with how to give quotation to your clients, so that they gets approved instantly.

What pricing you should start charging for your product photography? And much more about the business we will cover during this course thus it will make you better on your business aspects.

Let’s talk about gears to be used

Discussion about the flashes, and modifiers. How important it is to use the right gears for achieving the right results.

We will discuss essential gears, the right lenses for product shoots and much more.

Pre-Shoot preparations

Which lights to use, which light shapers will give you the best outcomes, and many such calls that you need to take before the shoots.

Plan your shots from angles, to basics of styling and much more.

Live product shoots

1 shoot with basic gears only – To show that even with basic lighting systems you can do some amazing shots.

1 Ecommerce shoot with proper studio gears – Giving you the idea about eCommerce product photography. Everything from placements to shooting.

1 Product shoot with a commercial aspect – A shoot where we show how we plan and execute our commercial shoots

Post Processing

Editing the images which we shot during the live shoots. Will train you on how to edit the product shots for different genres.

Online product photography course

Points we will cover during our product photography course

  • Understanding the product photography business
  • How to price your art in different categories of product photography
  • How to quote your future clients
  • Understanding flashes and flash durations
  • Studio light modifiers for product photography
  • Which is the perfect lens for product photography
  • Understanding Stuff you need such as floor and backgrounds for shoots
  • Learn using color checker for the 100% accurate colors
  • Understanding focus stacking
  • Understand tethering and the importance
  • Planning your shoots and creating mood boards
  • Learn shooting products with minimal equipment
  • Ecommerce product photography setups and editing
  • Commercial product photography planning and shooting
  • Editing your images with photoshop
  • Selection techniques for a neat selection in photoshop
  • Layer masking
  • Inverted layer masks
  • Ecommerce pure white RGB 255 background creation
  • Compositing the lights on products
  • Preparing your images for web use and print use


25 July


10 sessions


9999/- Rs

Register your seat

We have limited seats available for this course. So we are going to register on a first come first serve basis.

For registrations, you need to call us on 9898550223 or WhatsApp us on the same number. We will provide you with the registration process.

Pre-requisite for the course

As this is a product photography course, we expect our students to have basic knowledge about photography fundamentals. We will not cover photography fundamentals in this course.

How we will conduct our sessions

As this is an online course, we will be using Google Meet for our sessions. It will be a live video streaming from our studio.

About us

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