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Product photography

Product photography basics – Shooting products with natural lights only

Today we are going to learn about “How to do product photography using natural lights and minimal equipments.” Product photography now a days has a boom in the market due to E-commerce and digitalisation. So every product manufacturer has to get their product shoots done on regular bases. From past few months, I been getting lot of requests from amateur photographers and small scale product manufacturers, for writing a blog on how they can shoot the product with basic equipments and lighting systems.

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Advanced fashion photography

Advanced Fashion Photography – Lighting & Retouching Courses

Introducing “Master Course” our most Advanced Fashion Photography course, offering the best lighting and retouching techniques. Learn at your peace with 1on1 sessions, with our mentor and one of the best fashion photographer from India, Varun Patel

20 photo shoots with advance lighting setups for, indoor & outdoor shoots, with models.

4 photo shoot sessions with your own ideas and concepts to develop your creativity more.

4 advance level retouching sessions.

1 full day photo shoot with International model.

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beginner level photography

10 things to consider for starting photography career as a beginner. – A must read blog.

Photographers, in their beginner stage of photography career. Makes wrong decisions, because of lack of knowledge or no proper guidance. So to make things easier for them. Here i am sharing few frequently asked questions, and their respective answers. From buying the proper photography kit to where to learn photography? I will be covering everything here. 

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Photo retouching

Photo retouching workflow to get the best output from your edits.

Photo retouching requires a proper workflow to keep the process simple and monotonous. The photo retouching workflow starts from, processing the RAW file to get best dynamic range, correcting the compositions, correcting and process skin, colour processing for that particular look, and finally processing the image for the media.

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