Beauty shots

No Studio? No Problem – Create your photography studio anywhere.

Shot you see in the banner of this article has been shot in a very tight hotel room space with one profoto b1x and , a reflector working as the background for the image. Buying your own professional photography studio can be a big investment specially for beginner level photographers. In the beginning of your photography career , when every investment matters , buying a photography studio is not a good idea. Obviously there are studios available on rent but that also effects the shooting budget . So my suggestion for all of you who does not own a studio or not planning owning one right now, is to utilise whatever resources you have and create your best images. Now the question is how ? And what you will need ?

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Fashion photography workshop in Udaipur – Varun Patel


I always try giving my photography workshops an edge over all other basic photography workshops happening in India. This time we thought to go a bit out from everyone’s comfort zone, and shoot something crazy and dynamic on location. So I thought why not to try some place which can offer us everything from architectures to nature. And thats the reason we finalised Udaipur city as our workshop location .

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Product photography

Product photography basics – Shooting products with natural lights only

Today we are going to learn about “How to do product photography using natural lights and minimal equipments.” Product photography now a days has a boom in the market due to E-commerce and digitalisation. So every product manufacturer has to get their product shoots done on regular bases. From past few months, I been getting lot of requests from amateur photographers and small scale product manufacturers, for writing a blog on how they can shoot the product with basic equipments and lighting systems.

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Photography As Career – Become A Professional Photographer

 Working as professional photographer is very exciting. Now a days lot of amateur photographers are considering photography as career. It is fun to know that your photography hobby can get you money as a side business, or even can be your primary business. I have seen dozens and dozens of the photographers starting their photography business with all excitements, but eventually fail as a professional photographer and end up closing down. Well there can be many reasons for them not able to sustain. May be a wrong start can also lead to not being successful professional photographer. 

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Natural light photography

How to shoot amazing natural light portraits, using window light and a hotel bed sheet ?

Natural light is your best friend if you are a portrait photographer. When it comes to shooting those dreamy looking portraits, I always prefer to use natural light only. As the natural light gives you ease of working. My blog today will explain you the reason why I use natural light for such portraits. Also I will be sharing the BTS images and a simple lighting diagram for your understanding. And not to forget, I will be showing you how to use the available stuff like hotel bed sheet to get that professional touch on your images.

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Golden hours flash

Guide to create a golden hour shot using just a flash – In a cloudy day or Monsoon .

 Faking the sun light effect using flash to create golden hour during cloudy days. BUT HOW? Well first of all, for those photographers who are new to the term “GOLDEN HOUR”. Golden hour is a period shortly after sunrise, or before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer than when the Sun is higher in the sky. But during cloudy days or monsoon, it is not easy to find this magical hour. But today i will be teaching you how you can create a fake golden hour, on any day around the year.

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Free photography course

Win a free seat for our beginner level photography course – Feb2018 batch

Varun Patel’s photography courses have their high reputation in the market. We have so many students coming to us to learn from us. We love sharing our knowledge with all the photographers out there. So just to appreciate your love for us, here we are giving away our one seat for free, in our upcoming beginner level photography course. And the participation procedure is also very simple. Read below for the rules to win your free seat in the Feb2018 batch.

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