Wedding photographers

Wedding photographers, they deserve more than just the money. What they deserve is the respect and appreciation.

 I am writing this just not for wedding photographers in Ahmedabad but this article is for all the wedding photographers and their clients. And specially for those clients who needs to understand the value of the wedding photographer. Recently I been to a wedding, where i saw the clients and their family treating the photographers very badly. I really felt sorry for the wedding photographers, and it really made me write this article here. So here is what happened with those guys. 

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Advanced fashion photography

Advanced Fashion Photography – Lighting & Retouching Courses

Introducing “Master Course” our most Advanced Fashion Photography course, offering the best lighting and retouching techniques. Learn at your peace with 1on1 sessions, with our mentor and one of the best fashion photographer from India, Varun Patel

20 photo shoots with advance lighting setups for, indoor & outdoor shoots, with models.

4 photo shoot sessions with your own ideas and concepts to develop your creativity more.

4 advance level retouching sessions.

1 full day photo shoot with International model.

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How to become a successful model – Important tips from Fashion Photographer Varun Patel

Every good looking guy or girl wants to become a Model today. They see glamour, fame, success behind that but what they do not see is, All the hard work models has to put to reach at that point. Modelling requires more than your 100% efforts. A model should be able to act, express and perform as per the photographer’s requirement. You will have to leave behind lot of your favourite food and late night parties. If you are ready to do that then lets talk about this. 

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Natural light setups

Natural light setups for creating different portrait looks – No Flashes, No Studio lights.

I have seen so many photographers ignoring the effectiveness of Natural light setups. I am writing this article to explain, how amazing portraits can be shot just by using natural lights only. My all the three setups in this article is just with natural light and reflectors. Natural light setups are easy to understand and easy to do. As there is no artificial lights required, so they are in expensive also. I will be explaining my each setup in detail for your better understanding.

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Godox P90H

Godox P90H Deep Parabolic Umbrella Soft box – Unboxing, review and test shots.

The Godox P90H is a high-temperature resistant version parabolic soft box. Adopts deep parabolic box design, which enables light to be sent out straight, and the brightness to be decreased progressively from the center to peripherals. This results in extremely even, soft and highly saturated light effects for shooting. I will be unboxing, reviewing and shooting with this Godox P90H soft box. Will be sharing the final high resolution shots to show the light quality.

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Crop sensor camera – Is it good for fashion photography ? Or do i need full frame camera for shooting commercially?

Crop sensor camera, are you serious? Being a professional fashion photographer, do you really use crop sensor camera for your fashion photography assignments? My answer is YES, I love my crop sensor camera and I do use it for my fashion shots. I own two DSLR bodies, crop sensor and full frame both. I love shooting with both as they produce different outputs and they both have their pros and cons. Today i will be posting some images, from my recent fashion shoot which i did with the crop sensor body 60D and the kit lenses 18-55, 55-250 and 40 mm f2.8 lens.

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Product photographer

Top Product photographer, jewellery photographer from Ahmedabad, India.

From shooting OMEGA watches, to ARMANI perfumes. When its about the best Product photographer, or Jewellery photographer in Ahmedabad. VarunPatel Photography, is your answer. Our company has been shooting products and jewellery, for many big brands in all over India. We do product photography for product catalogues. We also shoot product in creative styles, for the campaigns or billboards.

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